Expor/Explorar Arte Negra | Expose/Exploit Black Art

Visual Arts post-graduate programme (PPGAV) at Rio de Janeiro Federal University’s School of Fine Arts 


Postdoctoral in Visual Language - PNPD National Postdoctoral Program, CAPES Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior do Ministério da Educação Brasiliano


Foreign fellow at the Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico CNPQ (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) research group, ATOTALIDADE at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

The project aims to propose as a facilitator of contacts and exchanges through the development of a database of African and Afro-Brazilian artists, with a particular focus on women. It deepens how “African cultures” are influencing the next generation of thinkers, artists, philosophers and scientists, especially proposing a reflection on the correlations of the influence of the African matrix in the current Brazilian production.


In view of the urgency and positivity of the media diffusion of black culture, the project encourages a position that interrogates the interests behind the market, that seems to have identified in native cultures a new object to explore. Affirms the importance of keeping a close eye on the dynamics that, by encouraging multiculturalism and partnerships through an apparent reinforcement of diversity, aim to achieve other returns that deal with the subjectivity of the subjects involved: visibility, connectivity and mobility. Those are the new elements of exploitation on which cognitive capitalism's reproduction is based. Finally, it critically observes how the appropriation of social struggles by the cultural industry can be considered as a strategy of cultural imperialism.



1. Analyze the connections and disconnections between Africa and South America in the definition of black, African and Afro-Brazilian identities, from an artistic perspective, questioning systems and powers at the base of the cultural industry and the arts market.

2. Participate in a global discourse on the need to decolonize school curricula, through the expansion of theoretical references that give visibility to underrepresented authors.

Teaching, supervision and admin experiences 


  • 'African Contemporary Art, Decolonial Studies and Contemporary Brazilian Black Production: co-organization of a dialogue' course as part of the Postgraduate Program in Visual Arts at the School of Fine Arts Federal University of Rio de Janeiro PPGAV EBA UFRJ (lecturer). August/November 2019;
  • 'Linguagens de configuração espacial I (‘Spatial Configuration Languages I’) DESILHA in the City', course, Prof. Livía Flores PPGAV EBA / UFRJ part of Plataforma Emergência, Centro Municipal de Arte Hélio Oiticica (invited lecturer) March-July 2019;
  • 'Artistic experience in contemporary Africa' curse as part of the Training and Deformation Program - Emergency and Resistance course, School of Visual Arts EAV Parque Lage, (invited lecturer) May 2019;

> Part of the Scientific and Communication’ Commissions for the ‘Arte e Memória em tempos de crise: XXII Encontro de Pesquisadores do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Artes Visuais, EBA/UFRJ’ ( “Art and Memory in times of crisis: XXII Encounter of Researchers from the Graduate Program in Visual Arts, EBA / UFRJ") – December 2019;


> Member of the Selection Committee for the Master course on Visual Languages of the 2019 Graduate Program in Visual Arts  at the School of Fine Arts Federal University of Rio de Janeiro PPGAV EBA UFRJ;


> Co-Supervision of one MA student.




> Online seminar  Distanciamento e Aproximações, Arte, Educação e Tecnologia no Contexto de Crises , part of the panel Art and Tecnology, PPGAVI da Uiversidade Federal de Pelotas UFPel, November 2020;

> Online launch of the interdisciplinary magazine of art, science and technology Metamorfose -Dossier Arte, cuidado e tecnologias do bem viver, IHAC, UFBA Notas de um diário / Arquitetando Novas Subjetividades  in conversation with the authors Lara Ovídio e Teofanes Assis, ZOOM-Online talk, 23 June 2020;

> Series of online presentations of the Dossiê Estética Africana, Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto MG, ZOOM-Online presentation, 14 July 2020;

> “Praticas estéticas africanas: o reconhecimento de afro-modernidades multi-individuais” , as part of the panel ‘Estética e Decolonialidade’, Seminários: Teorias, Práticas e Políticas Decoloniais, PPGCS, PPGFil da Universidade Federal Rural Rio de Janeiro UFRRJ, 13 November, 2019;




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BUROCCO, L., 2019. The Fall of the Post Industrial | Post Global | Post Colonial World, in New Global Studies,  The Gruyter Ed.;

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BUROCCO, L., 2019. Afrofuturismo e Devir Negro do Mundo | Afrofuturism and the becoming-black of the world, in Arte& Ensaios | revista do ppgav/eba/ufrj | n. 38 | julho 2019;

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BUROCCO, L., 2019.  Do Not Make Africa an Object of Exploitation Againin Black Panther and Afrofuturism  themed edition, Image & Text (ISSN 2617-3255), published by the University of Pretoria


External Projects

> Intensive Curatorial Program Lagos Bienal 2019Lagos, Nigéria, from October 28 to November 3, 2019. The week-long programme seeks to facilitate new approaches in assessing knowledge and approaching topics, situations, and linguistics critical to African narratives and perspectives;

> Dissident Bodies | Rebel Cities, Art (s), Anthropology (s) and Activism (s) Lisboa, 31 May e 1 June 2019. Biblioteca Municipal de Marvila, Lisboa. Seminar Organization: Center for Research Network in Anthropology (CRIA). Organizing team: Amaya Sumpsi, André Soares, Angela Montalvo Chaves, Francesca de Luca, Emiliano Dantas, Herberto Smith, Joacine Katar Moreira, Junior Abalos, Laura Burocco, Otávio Raposo, Paula Barreto, Paulo Raposo, Rodrigo Lacerda, Scott Head, Teresa Fradique;

> Seminar «O Rio de Janeiro remains beautiful and oppressive» - in memory of Matheusa Passareli  with Gabe Passareli (Artist), CES Social Studies Center | Alta Coimbra Co-organizer with the project (De) Othering, the ITM (Inter-thematic group on Migration) of CES, the School Feminist Knowledge Ecologies (CES) and the CILIA-LGBTQI + project - Inequalities throughout the life of LGBTQI+ people: a comparative and intersectional approach in four European countries, June 2019;


> Curatorial Monitoring Despina Residency Art Program, Rio de Janeiro - Resident Artist: Maga Berr (Peru / Olanda) June-July 2019, project “A house for the unknown”. The artist is interested in observing social inequalities within urban housing and planning. How are people excluded or included? It's because? Part of the problem is due to gentrification?

> Gentrification: Between Precariousness and New Colonialisms. Talk at Espaço Fosso edition no. 12, Rio de Janeiro, 19 October 2019.