Decolonization of Knowledge : Contribution from South Africa and Brazil

Post Doctoral Fellow in Visual History and Theory at the Centre for Humanities Research (CHR) Flagship for Critical Thought in African Humanities, University of the Western Cape UWCT  Cape Town, South Africa founded by the National Research Foundation NRF/RISA.


The research project aims at rethinking knowledge regimes and the nature of the academic and cultural industry, in relation to the hegemonic understanding of knowledge and art market hierarchies and their particular location in the power structures. It does so by establishing a dialogue between art and cultural productions that originate from southern artists and scholars in the South. With regards to global debates on restitution and decolonization of museums, the study focuses on the analyses of the situated African and Brazilian debate and new meaning of curatorial experiences. Being a bilingual project (English and Portuguese) the research also addresses the issues of translation, circulation, and publishing policies.


It gives continuity to my research path on the effects of the transformation of work in post-industrial and post-colonial societies. I am interested in the idea of modernity and globalization from a southern perspective; the exploration of subjectivities by cognitive capitalism, the functional use of culture by soft power, and cultural diplomacy.



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